FIFA 2001 (PS2)

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Product Information
EA SPORTS' FIFA franchise, which began in 1993 on the Sega Genesis, makes its first appearance on the PlayStation 2 with this release. Improvements from previous versions of FIFA include increased player detail and emotion, better sideline detail, precision AI, and a new audio engine. John Motson and Mark Lawrenson also provide the commentary.

FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer includes current rosters for the 12 existing MLS teams, but it also has complete rosters for 16 other national leagues and nearly 60 international teams. Up to eight players (using two Multitaps, each sold separately) can join in a number of modes, including training exercises, an exhibition match, tournament play, and entire seasons (saved progress requires a PlayStation 2 Memory Card). Players can win the Champions League, capture the UEFA title, and go for the World Cup with the computer arranging tournaments and simulating its other matches.

Following FIFA tradition, players can alter team rosters, players, game strategy, and formations. The level of difficulty, as well as strictness of foul calling is also customizable. An overhead End to End view allows players to streak up and down the screen, while the Tele cam has players running horizontally across the field. Those who prefer a more dynamic, rotating view can choose the Action cam. Players can also tweak a number of play angles by changing the height and zoom level of each viewpoint.

FIFA runs at 60 frames per second with motion-capture animations for a variety of moves. Onscreen players can collide in midair with painful results and will either celebrate or brood after a goal is scored. Players can also complete one-timers, headers, bicycle kicks, and maneuver using several evasive special moves. Defensive slide tackling and aggressive challenges are also included, and speed bursts can be used to streak down sidelines, making up for a missed tackle or getting back on defense.