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Featuring 520 teams and 27 leagues from around the world, FIFA Soccer 07 is designed to imitate reality with improvements to sound, player movement, receiving, shooting, fans, AI, and ball physics over the previous year's version. Trending toward a more organic form of gameplay, FIFA Soccer 07 focuses on realistic athletic movement by altering the way players receive, shoot, and pass the ball, with such options as basic shot mechanics and a "skill shot" button for attempting a bend or backspin. Computer-controlled players are programmed to make decisions on the fly, including formation changes.

You can manage an existing team or create your own. Mold it into a million-dollar franchise by overseeing the budget, player development, wages, and league standing in "Manager" mode. As a manager, you need to keep an eye on such elements as team chemistry, job security, and fan support. You can recruit young players directly from your own academy and acquire more experienced players from other teams, and then mix and match the two to give the greenhorns a chance to improve under the watchful eye of a seasoned pro.

Internet play features room for eight players and an added Interactive League competition that is intended to add more to the online community by exploiting rivalries and competitive spirit between two teams. The league is based on real soccer teams that include English Premiership, Bundesliga, France's LFP, and the Mexican First Division. Choose a team to represent, wait until the real-life team is playing another actual squad featured in the Interactive League, and then play against online supporters of the opposing team. EA will keep track of the winners and the leading team at the end of the week is declared the winner.

Normal online games in the FIFA Lounge include a handicap adjustment so expert gamers do not discourage newcomers to the FIFA soccer series. FIFA Soccer 07 features a soundtrack with artists from around the world including Blasted Mechanism, Boy Kill Boy, Carlos Jean, Elefant, Keane, Malibu Stacy, Mellowdrone, and Muse, among others.