FIFA Soccer 09.

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EA Sports brings its soccer franchise back to the Wii for a second season, this time as part of the company's "All-Play" series of family friendly games. Much like FIFA Soccer 08's "Family Play" feature, FIFA Soccer 09: All-Play offers gamers a simplified control scheme that allows for one-button shooting, passing, free kicks, and rebounds. Seasoned pros, however, can still use the advanced controls and new precision passing system for greater command over the more than 500 licensed teams available.

Simulation fans can participate in classic 11-on-11 matches or take over the financial aspects of a club in Manager mode, while the new eight-on-eight "Footii Match" mode offers a faster-paced, arcade-style game that lets players compete using their own Mii characters. Two holdover party games have been enhanced as well, with the foosball-esque Table Football offering enhanced soccer balls, while Boot It lets up to four players control soccer stars such as Ronaldinho and Wayne Rooney in a rapid-fire shootout. Gamers looking for further competition can also head online for one-on-one matches.