FIFA Soccer 10 (Wii)

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The top-selling series based on the world's most popular sport, EA Sports' FIFA Soccer returns to the virtual pitch with a smoother, more customizable game for 2010. Building on the previous year's release, FIFA Soccer 10 for Wii was developed exclusively for the Nintendo console, and includes motion-controlled features designed to provide a hardcore soccer experience for casual gamers. Animations and on-field moves have been enhanced, and goalie artificial intelligence in particular has been honed, for keepers that react more quickly to loose balls and don't hesitate to challenge a breakaway rush. Another highlight of the "10" edition of the game is the "Strike It" system, which requires players to shake their Wii Remote controllers with perfect timing, in order to successfully score on or defend against free kick and corner kick plays. To promote social play, the game keeps detailed statistics on matches played by human competitors and uses key details to highlight rivalries, make note of milestone achievements, and develop a storyline to bring the league play to life. For gamers who prefer to take charge from the front office, the Wii-only "Battle for Glory" mode has players making tough decisions in the role of club manager, to unlock special game boosters that can be used in the heat of play.