FIFA Soccer 11 (PS2)

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Product Information
The "2011" edition of EA Sports' FIFA Soccer presents a multifaceted virtual experience of playing the world's most popular sport. Although built upon the same basic game-engine foundation and featuring the play systems developed over many years of top-selling soccer releases, the game's interface has been updated and key elements have been refined for more balanced action on the pitch. In particular, goalie artificial intelligence is enhanced, for more responsive, perceptive, computer-controlled keepers. In the PS3 version of FIFA 11, gamers also have the option to take control themselves and play as the goalkeeper. Refinements have been made to improve heading and crossing plays, as well, and the game also introduces a "360-degree dribbling" feature, which allows a ball carrier and defender to move around one another as they fight for the ball, creating a more up-close and immediate experience of one-on-one battles for control.

Using extensive statistics from performances in actual matches, the game's "Personality+" features apply ratings of dozens of real-world player attributes and traits to their in-game counterparts. In any position, new aspects of player and team customization are prominent in all versions of the game. In the new Creation Center mode, gamers can customize a wide array of team features, including player assignments and positioning as well as team uniforms, colors, music, and chants. When a goal is scored, in-game celebrations take place right on the field of play, instead of in pre-rendered cut-away scenes. As in earlier editions, FIFA 11 includes representations of hundreds of real-life pro players and teams from various minor and major leagues around the world. The game's revamped career mode allows the gamer to take the role of a player or manager (or both), to lead the team through as many as 15 full seasons of club play, with the chance to participate in worldwide competition every four years.