FIFA Street 2 (Playstation 2)

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Product Information
FIFA Street 2 is a Sony PlayStation 2 video game that is designed to allow people to play a simulated game of soccer. The sports game was released in 2006 and allows up to four players to play at a time. It can be played by using the gamepad or joystick. FIFA Street 2 features over 320 pro superstars that represent 20 national teams. Players in the sports game can use new tricks such as the trick stick that allows players to execute a series of tricks and new juggling moves, compared to the first game. Players also get other features that include trick-stick weapon, skills battles, and gamebreaker trauma. They also get the ability to build and customise his or her home turf through using hundreds of different options. Characters can also be created in over 1,000 different ways that allow a person to choose between different hairstyles, shoes, and other accessories. FIFA Street 2 allows players to travel around the world to beat other players from areas such as London and Brazil. The game is rated G for General according to the Australian Classification Board.