FIFA Street (Xbox)

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In the footsteps of EA Sports BIG's NBA Street and NFL Street series, FIFA Street presents an arcade-style extreme sports take on professional soccer. Top players from around the world enter four-on-four matches where style is as important as substance and red cards are no concern. Teamwork scores goals, but the game also features a break-away interface that highlights one-on-one face-offs. Players who can showboat their way past opponents are rewarded with power-ups and momentum-shifting "Game Breaker" options. The game's makeshift arenas play a part as well, often allowing bounce-passes or other off-the-wall tricks. As in earlier Street titles, gamers create a custom character and team up with real-life sports stars to win a footloose series of underground matches against other teams of fictional and professional players. Additional game modes allow for quick exhibition games and "Upgrade" matches that let gamers cherry-pick top talent from defeated squads.