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EA's playground-style soccer series continues with FIFA Street 3, which offers over 250 pro athletes from 18 international teams in five-on-five action across streets, on rooftops, and in other areas around the world. Athletes are grouped into four roles to help players quickly identify team specialists: tricksters, enforcers, playmakers, and finishers. As in previous games in the best-selling Street franchise, true soccer techniques give way to exaggerated moves like wall flips, ricochet passes, aerial acrobatics, and more. Each athlete is clad in a choice of authentic training kits or street clothes, as players attempt to assemble a world-beating team in an assortment of play modes.

FIFA Street Challenge offers 34 missions to complete to unlock new players and teams, while Head-to-Head features a best-of series against a friend with a choice of six scoring rules. Playground Picks has rivals choosing five star players from the same pool of ten before participating in a match. World Challenge is an online competition against teams from across the globe, with rankings displayed on a leaderboard. Showboating players will once again be able to activate "gamebreakers" on offense or defense, improving their chances at making a big play with dramatic, cinematic tricks. FIFA Street 3 also includes four difficulty settings, multiple ball types, and two camera views: sideline and "action."