Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Xbox 360)

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Role-players return to the world that Lightning struck in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Released not as a new volume, but as a direct sequel to its predecessor, the game continues the story of Cocoon and Pulse in a similar play style, while enhancing non-linear exploration and refining the battle system. More powerful Paradigm functions offer players greater tactical control in the back-and-forth of combat. Many iconic Final Fantasy monsters can be tamed to fight alongside the heroes.

The sequel tells the story of Serah, the sister of the main character Lightning from the original Final Fantasy XIII. Three years after the city in the sky fell toward Pulse, a strange meteor throws Serah's peaceful village into deadly chaos. Time is warped, and vicious monsters invade. Her young life is spared from this onslaught by a mysterious traveler called Noel. A hunter from the future, Noel tells Serah that he can take her to her sister, who awaits in another place and time.