Finding Nemo (GameCube)

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In Nintendo GameCube’s Finding Nemo, which was also released on the Xbox and Playstation 2, the search has begun. You’ll recognize all the characters from the movie in this lighthearted adventure. Nintendo GameCube’s Finding Nemo game alternates between gameplay and short clips taken straight from the movie. Swim along with Marlin, Dory, and Nemo through underwater levels to reunite Nemo to his family. His movie friends, like Bruce, Crush, and the Tank Gang, are ready to help. When you swim into a bubble, it will trap the closest enemy, but hurry up and pop it or the enemy will break loose. Krill provide protection from getting hit, and sea anemones give Nemo and Marlin invincibility. Complete games like carrying red, blue, and green pebbles to their matching color platforms to get a starfish. Watch for the swift currents as you work with underwater friends to defeat the enemies. Set in a lush underwater world, Nintendo GameCube’s Finding Nemo gives you several objectives for each level of the game. For those who care to dig a little deeper, you can replay each level multiple times in an effort to complete all of the optional objectives as well. Optional objective games include collecting floating colored rings that are hidden around the level, killing every enemy, or placing colored pearls in the sea floor. When you complete a level, you are rewarded with a slideshow of production sketches from the film. You’ll get to see behind the scenes as you view the production sketches, and you’ll have an inside view of how the characters were developed. With a release date of 2003, Nintendo GameCube’s Finding Nemo is a video game geared toward the casual player, so you won’t find complex controls or gameplay. However, there are challenges to every level, including making sure you complete all the objectives you want to achieve before you hit a cutscene. Once you hit a cutscene, you can’t go back to that portion of the level anymore. As a result, you may have to play a level more than once to meet all of the goals you want to hit. The graphics in Nintendo GameCube’s Finding Nemo are detailed and animated well, and the game does a great job of recreating the atmosphere and experience of the movie. The game looks great, and the characters look just as you would expect them to. You’ll have hours of fun playing Nintendo GameCube’s Finding Nemo, and when you beat it, try again to meet even more objectives.