Fishing Master - World Tour (Wii)*

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Wii anglers can sail the Seven Seas and catch 200 different kinds of fish in Fishing Master World Tour. Players cast their bait in more than 40 unique locations around the globe, including Easter Island, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and along the Amazon River. As in the original Fishing Master, gamers treat their Wii Remote and Nunchuk as a true rod and reel, casting, yanking, and shaking in order to hook and haul the biggest fish possible. New boss battles have players making use of additional controls to catch the largest and rarest sea creatures, and a new "Trolling" mode lets gamers fish off the back of boats in exotic locales such as Hawaii. Multiplayer modes have also been enhanced, with a Wi-Fi "laddering" system that lets worldwide players compete to catch the largest fish, and new local battles for up to four players.