Flushed Away (Playstation 2)*

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Roddy, a rat from the classy side of town, is presented with a whole lot of trouble as he swirls to the unfamiliar world of the London sewers in Flushed Away. In an attempt to save Ratropolis and get back home, Roddy teams up with Rita and her makeshift boat named the Jammy Dodger for a trip through such environments as Roddy's Kensington apartment, Arachne's Lair, Ratropolis, and more to confront and defeat the evil Toad. Armed with unlimited lives and a variety of weapons including Roddy's "dashing fence attack," Rita's "bouncing bungee," and Jammy Dodger's "crayon crossbow," the group must avoid floating debris and defeat enemies while locating and collecting power-ups including Rita's Ruby, the fire extinguisher, and the air cannon among others. Gamers can play through the single-player story mode, or go against a friend in such mini-games as "Rat Traps & Crayons" and "Pathfinder."