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Product Information
Fracture is a futuristic first-person shooter whose "hook" is being able to freely transform the landscape with your weapons. In the year 2161, the continental United States is divided after a seismic event topples the country's central region. The government is no longer in power, so organizations on both sides vie for control with the backing of sympathetic nations abroad. The main protagonist is Jet Brody, a soldier fighting on behalf of the Atlantic Alliance. He will confront genetically enhanced troops from the Republic of Pacifica in a series of battles that will take him across what's left of the U.S.

Rather than simply blast enemy troops throughout each environment, you must also solve puzzles using your high-tech weapons. Barriers blocked with rubble can still be traversed simply by shooting at the ground and creating a subterranean tunnel. High destinations can be reached by shooting at a patch of land to create hills of varying size. In addition to removing and building areas of the landscape, you can also create temporal disturbances such as a mini black hole, which will suck everything near it into its gaping maw. Grenades, missiles, torpedoes, and other high-powered weapons can all be used to manipulate your surroundings in surprising ways.