Fur Fighters Vigo's Revenge (PS2)

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Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge is essentially a port of the Dreamcast title, known simply as Fur Fighters. The most obvious difference between the two titles is that the former has received a complete graphical makeover, using the "cel-shading" technique popularized by cartoon-style games, such as Jet Set Radio Future. The titular Fur Fighters are in fact a rag-tag band of heroes whose members include Roofus the hound, Tweek the baby dragon, Chang the fox, Rico the penguin, and Juliette the cat. General Viggo, the villain of the piece, has captured the animals' families and it's up to these unlikely heroes to rescue them.

What follows is a third-person romp through 30 stages, each filled with gun battles and punctuated by the odd smattering of puzzle elements. Each character has an innate ability at their disposal and is usually required to solve puzzles and gain access to new areas. Dispatching the many enemies is done via an arsenal of 20 different weapons, including rocket launchers, automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Atypically, the game houses no blood and gore. Instead, when killed, enemies explode in heaps of white animal stuffing. Cinematic interludes are accompanied by full voice acting as opposed to the gibberish-talking protagonists found in the Dreamcast offering.

A multiplayer mode, affectionately titled "Fluff Match," allows up to four players to compete in 15 Deathmatch-style arenas, with the sole object of killing everyone else. Themed "pelts" are provided for characters depending on the level. New to the PlayStation 2 incarnation is a sub-game dubbed "The Might Flea Challenge."