Gallop Racer 2001.

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Gallop Racer 2001 is the inaugural iteration of Tecmo's venerable horseracing simulation on the PlayStation 2. Combining elements of strategy, stable management, and actual racing, Gallop Racer 2001 offers wannabe stable owners the chance to embark on what will hopefully prove to be a fruitful career raising champion horses. The Season mode allows players to take on the role of both the stable manager and jockey. Beginning with a meager allotment of Jockey Points (the in-game currency), players will need to purchase a horse before they can enter a race. Horses vary not only in appearance, but in ability as well, with particular strengths and weaknesses in regard to temperament and guts, amongst others. Additionally, each has specific preferences pertaining to turf on and running style.

Once entered into one of the many races on the sporting calendar, players take control of the jockey, with the ability to whip the horse, urge it onwards, or slow it down, while keeping a close eye on the horse's vital statistics such as stamina. Of course, the horse also has a mind of its own, so virtual jockeys will need to keep the horse's style and preferences in mind during a race. Varied weather conditions can also affect the outcome of a race, with rain and even snow becoming a common sight during your management tenure. After a race, players are rated according to their performance and a horse's attributes will be affected (either adversely or positively) based upon its performance.

Away from the track, players need to decide when to retire horses, buy new ones, and even breed the older creatures in the hopes of creating a champion thoroughbred. You can have, at most, six horses in your stable and, because each matures at a different rate and has its own set of peculiarities, you'll need to decide which to run in certain events. As your prestige increases, so do the options available to you, giving well-known breeders more stores to buy from and more equipment to use. Jockey's can even be outfitted with customized uniforms.

A Versus mode allows two players to compete against each other in the racing portion of the title, via a split-screen, with the added bonus of using their own horses from the Season mode. A Practice mode is also available, allowing newcomers a chance to grow accustomed to the nuances of the sport. As an aside, players can also gamble on the races, but only in the Practice mode.