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Channel your inner mobster to overcome the London streets and become kingpin in Gangs of London. Featuring several gameplay options, Gangs of London boasts over 60 missions, a variety of mini-games, and plenty of places to explore. The game's 25 square mile London map is modeled after tests given to British taxi drivers, and includes famous landmarks like Big Ben and the London bridge.

If you are looking to dominate the seedy underbelly of the London crime syndicate through story-based gameplay, you can choose a character from five existing gangs and play through each group's story. Guard and expand territory for the Kane gang, the EC2 Crew, The Talwar Brothers, the Zakharov, or the Water Dragon Triad. "Gang Battle" mode is a quick way into a brawl, as you are required to defend and attack areas of London, either alone or with up to five friends.

A "Free Roaming" mode is your opportunity to explore the city streets and cause as much mayhem as your heart desires. Within this activity, you may also play such games as "4 Weeks Later," a spin off of the film 28 Days Later that fills your environment with zombies, and "Speed Trap," a checkpoint-based racing game.

Snap photos and visit famous places to unlock bonus content as a tourist, or visit the pub and compete against a friend in darts, pool and skittles, a stationary form of bowling. Finally, "Game Share" mode will generate a unique level for each PSP system filled with a variety of missions objectives, environments, characters, and weaponry.