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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon takes squad-based combat to the battlefields of Eastern Europe, as modern-day Green Berets embark on 15 missions to contain a rebellion before it spirals out of control and leads to global war. These elite soldiers, known as "Ghosts" for their ability to strike without warning and then disappear without a trace, are under the full command and guidance of players as they work to stop radicals who have seized Moscow and plan on returning the Soviet Union to its former power. A port of the best-selling PC game, Ghost Recon for Xbox features online play via Xbox Live, system link support for up to 16 players, and split-screen cooperative or competitive action for two.

Before beginning their tour of duty, players can hone their skills in one of seven training exercises covering weapons use, movement, and issuing commands. Each mission in the single-player Campaign mode is introduced with a briefing screen before players set up their platoon. As in previous squad-based shooters under the Tom Clancy moniker, players can choose each soldier on their team and personally assign the team specific equipment. Soldiers vary in skill and expertise, but are classified in general terms as riflemen, snipers, support, and demolitions. A key feature in Ghost Recon is that platoon members earn one combat point for each mission they survive. Combat points can be spent on improving a soldier's skill in weapons, endurance, stealth, and leadership.

Missions take place from a first-person perspective as players issue orders to teammates via a command menu. Rules of engagement can be issued separately for movement and combat. Soldiers can be told to hold, advance, or advance at all costs, while combat rules can be set to recon, assault, or suppress. Players can also set waypoints from an overhead command map. Completed missions can be revisited in the Quick Mission mode, with such variants as firefights (eliminate all enemy soldiers), recon (get all team members to a rendezvous point), and defend (prevent enemies from infiltrating the team's base). By completing various tasks during the Campaign, players can unlock new weapons, additional levels for multiplayer games, specially trained characters, and other extras.