Ghost Recon 2 (Xbox)

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Featuring exclusive content and following its own storyline, the Xbox version of Ghost Recon 2 is set in Korea, a short time after the events that take place in the PlayStation 2 version of the title. Amid a military revolt, a charismatic general takes control of North Korea -- including its nuclear weapons. To squelch the general's aggressive actions before they spark an international war, players lead a team of characters through operations in the "Axis of Evil" nation. Each squad member has a distinct look and personality. The game is built on a new, specialized version of the Havok 2 game engine, and offers players a new "over-the-shoulder" camera angle that's designed to blend the advantages of traditional first- and third-person perspectives. As in earlier Xbox editions in the Tom Clancy franchise, various multiplayer modes of Ghost Recon 2 are playable online through the Xbox Live service.