Glover (Nintendo 64)

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Product Information
Glover is a 3D platform game starring the most unusual of characters: a white glove. Glover was brought to life when his wizard master inadvertently caused an explosive reaction while mixing potions. The wizard's second glove bore the full brunt of the corrupting cocktail, transforming into an evil doppelganger named Cross-Stitch. The object is to defeat Cross-Stitch and retrieve the good wizard's six magical crystals that were ejected in the explosion. Players will navigate six 3D worlds and defeat enemies by performing both regular and double jumps, cartwheels, ducks, and fist-slams. Glover can also attack and solve puzzles by interacting with one of the crystals, each of which appears to him as a ball. Glover can grab and throw the ball as a projectile, or bounce it, roll atop it, and even transform it into more powerful spheres. The realms Glover must explore range from a carnival to prehistoric lands to a pirate themed area, each culminating in a boss fight. Players can also collect magic cards called "garibs" on each level that will grant Glover extra lives and open up bonus stages once all are found within a realm.