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With the multi-platform success of Activision's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, there was a subsequent demand for extreme sports and skateboarding games. To fulfil this need, Shaba Games and Sony Computer Entertainment America have teamed up for Grind Session -- a hardcore skateboarding simulation that combines professional boarders with hundreds of realistic maneuvers, locations and equipment.

Attempting to capture a realistic sense of skateboarding, the developers formed a partnership with popular companies and establishments such as Vans, G-Shock, Mountain Dew and Rolling Stone Magazine. With actual Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding events incorporated into gameplay, you'll compete in eight interactive locations including Huntington Beach, Atlanta, Detroit, London and New York City. Locations feature anything and everything at your local skate park, such as birds, debris, aerial ramps, jumps and rails.

Among the actual skateboarding professionals included are Ed Templeton, John Cardiel, Cara-Beth Burnside, Pigpen, Willy Santos and Daewon Song. Skaters include true-to-life animation, realistic trick combinations and aerial physics. While playing as a professional may be tempting, you may also choose between four fully customizable novice skateboarders; you're given an option to customize wardrobes and gear such as helmets, pads, wheels and skateboards.

Grind Session comes with a few different gameplay options including the single-player Tournament, Endurance, Open Skate and Training modes. There are additional multi-player modes such as Competition, Versus, Teamplay, Tech Challenge and C-H-U-M-P. Regardless of the mode you've chosen, you're given three objectives to complete: earn more trick points than anyone else by meeting time requirements and landing successful maneuvers; collect a number of required items; and perform a given amount of technical bonus stunts. Because you can earn another rider's respect, pulling off the technical maneuvers is important.

Additional gameplay options include the Possessed to Skate and Build Your Own Dream House. Possessed modes. Possessed to Skate awards you with a wacky power-up that increases speed, height capabilities, and trick rotation. Which power-up you'll receive depends on the maneuvers you execute. You can Build your own Dream House by earning a maximum number of points, collectibles and technical bonuses on any given level. By doing so, you're awarded a key that unlocks various rooms in a lavish dream house. Additionally, if you can perform one-thousand point trick within 10 seconds, you'll be photographed and given a real-life picture! Collecting eight photographs enables you to receive a video sequence.

Also included is a Replay mode that captures the action in wide angle and close-up viewpoints. The in-game camera system zooms around in coordination with your skater to create a television-like presentation. Grind Session also features a punk/rap based soundtrack that includes Sonic Youth, Black Flag, NOFX, GZA from the Wu Tang Clan and Dr. Octagon. The game also supports analog control and the vibration function for unprecedented control and feel.