GT Pro Series (Wii)

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Product Information
In GT Pro Series, players get behind the wheel of over 80 Japanese cars ready to be upgraded and enhanced through a single-player career. The game comes bundled with a Wii-Remote compatible steering wheel, and players tilt the steering wheel to turn, and press buttons to stop or go. Players are given a choice of many makes and models including the Skyline R34 GT-R, and the Lancer Evolution. Gamers can unlock performance and aesthetic upgrades, cars, and tracks in "Championship" mode by winning the races found in each level. "Quick Race," "Time Attack," and "Drift" are all examples of single race modes, and to view completed races, gamers can access "Replay" mode and watch video of saved progress. Up to four friends can compete in the split-screen multiplayer action found in "Versus" mode.