Guitar Hero II (Playstation 2)

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The Guitar Hero series offers its biggest lineup of songs to date with Legends of Rock, the first game developed outside of Harmonix. Fans of the finger-fiddling franchise will rock out to over 70 tracks, many of which use master recordings from the original artists. The core play mechanics are nearly identical to previous iterations, with players using a guitar-shaped controller to quickly match colored notes as they cascade down the screen. By keeping up with the song, hitting the right chords at the right time, and strumming to the beat, players will rack up points and advance to more challenging tunes.

Once again players can embark on a career, earning money to unlock new characters, guitars, songs, and other surprises while competing in an assortment of colorful venues. For the first time, players will test their technique against real-life guitar gods. Rock stars Slash, Tom Morello, and others will confront players at various points, where the object is to drain their "rock meter" by outperforming them at their own songs. Players can also directly challenge a nearby friend. Completing tricky "star power" riffs earns players random power-ups to use against rivals at any time.

Player-sabotaging power-ups include doubling the number of on-screen notes, switching control to left-handed play, and more. Non-competitive types will appreciate the career co-op mode, allowing two guitarists to work together through each song list. Among the featured tracks are "Paint It Black," "Cherub Rock," "Slow Ride," "Barracuda," "Rock and Roll All Nite," and "Sabotage." The bundled version of Guitar Hero III for PlayStation 2 contains a black, wireless guitar controller patterned after the Gibson Kramer.