Hot Shots Golf 2

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  • The sequel to the golf sensation, Hot Shots Golf, arrives on the store shelves with a new developer: Clap Hanz Limited. The original game quickly became a golf favorite with its cartoonish and arcade-like style. The sequel returns with the same atmosphere and a few additions.

    The game now has six different modes of play: Match Play, Stroke Play, VS Mode, Training Mode, Nine Hole/Par 3 Course and the addition of a new Tournament mode. The game focuses on the concept of collecting more and better items throughout play. You start with three selectable characters, then work your way through all 13. The same goes for collectable gear for your golfer.

    The load time for Hot Shots Golf 2 was designed to be minimal. The game will load before a hole but never during your time on the fairway. Another addition is the ability to replay your shot just in case you feel like you need to brag to your friends about that hole-in-one no one believes you achieved. Or you can use it just in case you want to see what you're doing wrong.

    The game has added more camera angles to intensify the realistic visuals but not overshadow the cartoonish feel of the game. But one of the main features of the game is its multi-player aspect. You can play up to four players with a Multi-Tap and challenge them all to different modes of gameplay.

    The game also attempts to offer a more interactive feel, so you can choose different clubs, realign your shot distance, or modify other features. This way you can perfect your shot and quickly master the game.

    The game allows you to zoom in or zoom out on your shot distance, or even pan out and look at the map, and try to line up your shot. The built in land-grid can pinpoint the distance of your shot, and the elevation map helps you to know how hard to hit the golf ball.

    With new additions and features, along with updated gameplay and more options, Hot Shots Golf aims to be the definitive golf game on the PlayStation console.