Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge.

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Based on the enduringly popular toy line of miniature cars, this racing game puts players in a sort of stuntman game show, where they'll strive to complete courses in fastest times and perform the most impressive stunts. The game show competition consists of three kinds of events: Mini-games, Races, and Stunt Challenges. Mini-games usually involve collecting icons in a limited amount of time. Races take place on one of 12 tracks, and players compete to finish first. The game's 24 different Stunt Challenges reward players for performing a variety of daring deeds from behind the virtual wheel. Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge is a cross-console release, available for PS2, GCN, and Xbox (as well as PC). Each version of the game features nearly 30 different vehicles, based on actual Hot Wheels toys, including one platform-exclusive car. Up to four players can compete together in this Xbox version of the game.