The Incredible Hulk (PS2)

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Marvel's gamma-grown, green gargantuan returns to PlayStation 2 with Sega's The Incredible Hulk. You control the stalwart superhero through a free-roaming Manhattan as he battles the U.S. military, the scientist-led Enclave, and the supervillain group known as the U-Foes. The action takes place from a third-person perspective as the Hulk bashes and smashes enemies with his fists or with items found within the environment. Hulk can pick up and throw streetlights, manhole covers, cars, and even the concrete rubble caused by his forceful jumps.

Wanton destruction increases the Hulk's rage, granting him access to powerful new moves and abilities once the meter is filled. Entire buildings can be climbed and destroyed, with the resulting damage persisting throughout your adrenaline-fueled adventure. The story combines elements from 2008's feature film as well as events and characters from Marvel's classic comic book series. Boss characters include the Abomination and Bi-Beast, while various mini-games and sub-quests can be discovered while rampaging through the Big Apple.