Hyperdevotion Noire Goddess Black Heart (Playstation Vita)

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Idea Factory's quirky RPG about the console wars gets a strategy spinoff as gamers help four goddesses unite to save their world from annihilation. Unlike previous games in the Hyperdimension franchise, Hyperdevotion is set in the world of Gamarket, where someone has turned Noire, Neptune, Blanc, and Vert into children and stripped them of their power-giving Shares. Players take control of the miniature quartet as it journeys across gridded maps set in places like soccer fields and discothèques, engaging in turn-based battles and gaining party members along the way.

There are more than 20 playable characters in Goddess Black Heart, each possessing unique skills and special moves. The game maps contain differing elevations that can alter the effectiveness of attacks, while a variety of potential obstacles and negative status effects can also make fights more difficult. Gamers can turn the tide in their favor somewhat by placing characters adjacent to one another during the same phase, activating the new Lily Boost mechanic that allows for attacks that are more powerful and less costly. Lily Boosts produce Lily Points, which can be spent on goddess transformations and increase the Lily Rank bond between characters, and once the Lily Rank reaches a certain level, new events become unlocked.