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ICO is a PlayStation 2 exclusive game developed by Team ICO in Japan as a third-person puzzle platformer. The lead designer, Fumito Ueda, wanted to tell a simple "boy meets girl, boy rescues girl" story through a series of puzzles. The game is minimalist in regards to voice acting and cut scenes, instead relying on compelling visuals and engaging content to bring players into the story. It is, in effect, an interactive movie of sorts, with the player bringing the two characters together through a visual narrative over the course of the game.The game begins when Ico is imprisoned in a castle because he was born with horns on his head, which is seen as a bad omen. While in the castle, he meets Yorda, a young girl who is to be sacrificed by the evil Queen to prolong her own life. Ico decides to rescue Yorda, taking advantage of his unusual strength and agility to do so. Ico must defeat monsters and make a path for Yorda since she cannot run as fast nor jump as far as Ico and has no ability to attack.The gameplay is designed to be as straightforward and intuitive as possible. The player can run, jump, and attack enemies. In every area, the objective is to enable Yorda to progress by clearing out obstacles and "Shadow" enemies in her way while staying close to her so that the Shadow monsters sent by the Queen cannot attack her. Obstacles that you need to help Yorda overcome include lifting her to a higher ledge or arranging the surrounding objects and elements to allow her to cross a larger gap herself. Yorda can be controlled by AI, the active gamer, or a second gamer using a controller in the second port. This last method enables two gamers to play together and makes many of the tasks easier as well as enabling new gamers to become familiar with the complex obstacles that make up the levels of the game. It is necessary to solve each puzzle before Yorda can continue on her journey, but there is no time limit. ICO is well-known for its incredible graphics as well as its level design, making it an excellent offering for the Sony PS2. The game has also been very influential on other similar games due to its revolutionary cinematography. The same goes for the minimalist box art on the Japanese version of the game. As such, ICO is widely held up as an example of gaming as art and how the Playstation can be an artistic tool for video games. ICO is a unique, groundbreaking game for Sony's PS2 that's engaging due to its combination of character depth and challenging puzzles. With a simple but engaging story and an immense amount of content, it will entertain you for hours. Furthermore, the artistic aspect makes it a must-have for collectors of Playstation games. With its "E" rating and accessible controls, it is an excellent PS2 classic for any player of any age.