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"Nothin' but attitude!" proclaims the PS2 box cover for IHRA Motorsports: Drag Racing 2, the follow-up to 2000's IHRA Motorsports for the PC and 2001's IHRA Motorsports: Drag Racing for the PlayStation. After selecting from more than 50 cars -- including classic, late model, funny cars, pro stock, pro mod, and top fuel categories -- players can race in practice, single race, event, or season modes. Customization isn't just limited to the 70 vehicle components available, as weather conditions (humidity, wind direction, wind speed, barometer, altitude, and temperature) also enter into the mix.

Quarter-mile and 1/8 mile tracks from around the United States are used in single-event racing, with users compiling a list of tracks for later use in seasonal mode. The Shop is "tweaking" heaven for accomplished dragsters, offering a host of customization possibilities for chassis (body style, paint job), engine (block, pistons, valves), transmission (gear set, clutch), suspension (coil, spring, steering), tires (size, density, width), devices (throttle stops, delay box, rev limiter, shift lights), and inspection (rule compliance). Players can customize dashboard displays, as well as name, choice of parachute release, and burnout staging.

Race options include setting the ability level of computer-controlled drivers (ranging from rookie to pro), number of racers per event (2 to 64), end-of-race videos, and level of realistic damage (none, partial, or full). Nearly every aspect of any car can be rebuilt or modified in the Shop, and a handicap system is available to equalize competition in some categories. The manual also contains five tips for developing consistent and good reaction times for drag racers looking for that extra edge.