Imagine Movie Star (Nintendo DS)

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Star power: You've got to use it or you'll lose it. The Movie Star edition in Ubisoft's Imagine line of role-playing and business-sim crossovers focuses on the ins and outs of staying in with the in-crowd and always stepping out in style. When stardom is on the line, appearances count, so the players can choose the look of their character as well as the look of her Hollywood home. The right interior design to impress celebrity friends can be just as important as the right fashions to keep the paparazzi clicking.

Of course, in addition to hanging with A-list friends, a true movie star needs to star a movie every now and then, too. Players must choose the right agent to get the right offers, and then choose the scripts that best suit their characters personalities -- an honest performance is an award-winning performance, after all. Luckily, the star can keep a hand-picked entourage of skilled stylists, managers, and loyal fans to help keep her shining her brightest.