Imagine Salon Stylist (Nintendo DS)

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Product Information
Looks aren't everything, but everyone knows that appearances count, and Imagine: Salon Stylist is a hands-on simulation game for players who are interested in helping themselves and other to always look their best. The game is meant to be played with the DS held sideways, with the hinges opening vertically, like a book. The stylus is used to apply the cosmetic arts to touch-screen hair and faces, from shampooing, combing, and cutting hair to applying facial treatments, eye shadow, and make-up, and then finally choosing outfits and accessories and capturing the work of fashion art with a few quick snapshots. As in other occupationally oriented games in Ubisoft's Imagine line, light business simulation elements of play add a customizable aspect, with players taking charge of their own virtual beauty salons, for which they can earn new furniture, equipment, and interior decorating. Accurate and skilled service develops a strong clientele and leads to repeat business and bigger profits. Gamers can share their favorite makeovers and other in-game beauty tips with other Imagine: Salon Stylist players through a wireless DS connection.