IndyCar Series (PlayStation 2)

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Taking advantage of the growing popularity of the televised racing series, IndyCar Series brings to consoles the thrill of driving over 200 miles per hour in an open-wheeled 650 brake horsepower machine. The PS2 version offers a full complement of challenges confronting real-life drivers and race teams including qualifying, traction control, fuel and tire wear, penalties, damage, pit strategies, and garage maintenance. To compete and be successful at the highest level of difficulty, players will need to adjust springs, dampers, ride height, gears, camber, toe-in, and wings.

IndyCar Series features a multi-function display (race state, qualification speeds, laps, position, time intervals to cars in front and behind the driver, split times, and lap speeds), track warning indicators, tire temps, and damage control (oil, cooling system, ECU, transmission, and engine). Assistance is available for novice drivers in areas of speed control, traction, gear changes, drafting, and auto braking, and through an auto-drive function (during cautions and pit stops). Players can unlock trading cards and bonuses, as well as the ability to create a custom driver.

Quick Race, Full Season (career), and multiplayer modes offer racing on 14 major speedways including the famed Indianapolis track, Chicagoland, and Texas venues. Up to 33 cars appear on the track at one time, featuring drivers like Sam Hornish, Jr., Helio Castroneves, and Dario Franchitti, among others. Legendary driver Eddie Cheever, Jr. provides narration on racing techniques in the "Series Masterclass" segment, and Indy 500 commentary is handled by Bob Jenkins.