Infinite Undiscovery (Xbox 360*)

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Infinite Undiscovery is an action role-playing game from the designers of the Star Ocean series. The setting is a planet whose moon is literally chained in place, shackled to prevent others from basking in its life-giving properties. The organization responsible, the Order of Chains, has also unleashed a great evil upon the land. Fierce creatures run free while innocents are captured and held within a mysterious prison. The lead protagonist is young minstrel named Capell, a prisoner of the Order of Chains. His fate is to save the world from the diabolical Dreadknight and his chains of doom. To fulfill his quest, Capell will battle an assortment of fantastical creatures alongside a party of three computer-controlled characters. Key features include a day-night cycle, enemies requiring varied tactics to defeat, and a real-time combat system free from the transition sequences typically found in console role-playing games.