Iron Man 2 (Playstation 3)

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Sega returns players to the technologically empowered role of Tony Stark, for another third-person action-adventure through the Marvel universe. Iron Man 2 is based on the 2010 feature film and released alongside its theatrical debut. Following the style of the publisher's original movie-based Iron Man game, the sequel features high-speed flight sequences, high-powered weaponry, and challenging battles against outnumbering forces and formidable supervillain characters.

The control scheme has been refined from the original game, with developers taking player feedback into consideration. Iron Man can perform new martial arts moves in the sequel, allowing players to engage in hands-on combat with powerful bosses. The game's environments are more completely destructible, creating new offensive possibilities as well as defensive concerns. Additional weapons become available to help players meet these new challenges.

The game's story was authored by comic book writer Matt Fraction, and combines plot elements from the film with Iron Man comic book lore. In a side plot not featured in the movie, the hero fights his regular comic book rival, the battle-suited Crimson Dynamo. High-stakes challenges threaten ultimate defeat through each chapter of action, and the game concludes with the fate of the entire world once again in the weapon-clad hands of the invincible Iron Man.