Jam Sessions (Nintendo DS)

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Product Information
Designed as a tool for self-expression that places emphasis on the music rather than the game, Jam Sessions offers music enthusiasts a way to take their tunes on the road. Gamers may begin in the tutorial and learn how different movements made on the touch screen affect the sound and intensity of each guitar chord. Players have access to eight chords that can be saved as presets to specific songs and accessed at a later time. In "Performance" mode, gamers must mimic the guitar section in each song as the chords scroll upwards on the screen. When songs are played accurately, players unlock goodies including backgrounds. However, "Free Play" is where gamers can unleash their creativity and create songs on their own and then save them to play later. "Free Play" also includes a roster of "stomp box" effects including the ability to add distortion, reverb, tremolo, and chorus to stock sounds.