Jumper (Playstation 2)

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Game disk only in case - no manuals  - used

Product Information
Though timed to coincide with the motion picture of the same name, Jumper tells a story that intertwines with that of the film, but is ultimately different than that of its movie inspiration. The game centers on Griffin, a young man on a quest to avenge his parents' death who uses his spontaneous teleportation abilities to battle a group know as the Paladins. Jumper's heavy emphasis on combat lets players take advantage of Griffin's unique abilities to perform three different kinds of dynamic "jumps." The Combat Jump lets players instantaneously move around Paladins in the midst of a fight sequence, the Traversal Jump allows gamers to pick a spot in the environment and jump to it, and the Finishing Jump lets players move enemies to completely new locations. Gamers also have the ability to jump back and forth between multiple opponents, and chaining together large combinations helps earn experience points that can then be used to unlock deadlier combos. Jumper features a diverse hierarchy of Paladin fighters, and players can battle them all in five unique arenas spread across the globe.