Just Cause 2 (Playstation 3*)

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Agent-extraordinaire Rico Rodriguez returns for more death-defying missions against ruthless cartels and corrupt governments in Just Cause 2 for the PlayStation 3. Considered the Agency's most powerful weapon, Rodriguez takes on the military regime on the island of Panau in search of his former boss and mentor Tom Sheldon. Sheldon is now a rogue agent who has disappeared with millions in agency cash and intelligence. With the options of choosing from over 100 different vehicles and countless upgrades and collectibles, the possibilities for relentless adrenaline-fueled combat are limitless. As in the first version of the game, Rodriguez can fire a grappling hook anytime and anywhere he wants, allowing him to latch onto any surface to propel himself forward or to bring items, including enemies, closer. Combine the grappling hook technique with the protagonist's parachute in this version to glide through the air and perform elaborate combinations.