King of Fighters Maximum Impact Collector's Edition (PS2)

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KOF: Maximum Impact adds a new dimension to the cult-favorite King of Fighters universe. The Neo Geo series that became a bastion for fans of 2D fighting in the 1990s, when games like Virtua Fighter and Tekken were taking center stage, finally makes the jump to 3D itself with this 2004 release. Initially exclusive to the PlayStation 2, Maximum Impact features more than 16 familiar SNK fighters engaging in three-dimensional hand-to-hand combat through five different game modes: Practice, Training, Survival, VS Battle, and Story. As in most other 3D fighting games, players face a series of opponents in one-on-one matches in which the last fighter standing is the winner. Aside from its veteran characters (some of whom have been virtually brawling since the early 1990s' Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury), the game sets itself apart from others of the style with a system that allows sideways evasive moves and four-way jumping.