Lair (Playstation 3)

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Product Information
Lair is a flight combat game where dragon-riding warriors clash with each other in the skies and along the ground. Players will encounter armies numbering in the thousands as their mounts claw, scorch, and trample enemies on the battlefield. Dragons are guided using the system's motion-sensing controls, allowing players to climb, swoop down, and speed up by tilting the controller in different directions.

A lock-on targeting system helps players perform fire-based attacks from a distance, while claw-to-claw encounters feature a combo-oriented control scheme that involves rapidly tapping buttons to maul the enemy. Players can also land their dragon to roast enemy soldiers in a burst of flames or to crush them in a single charge. Factor 5, best known for its Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series of flight games, handles development duties for this original title on PlayStation 3.