Legends of Wrestling II.

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Legends of Wrestling II builds upon its predecessor by featuring over 65 professional wrestlers from yesteryear along with their signature moves and taunts. New to this version is the ability to play as Andre the Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Sid Vicious, Bruno Sammartino, and more. Match types include six- and eight-man Elimination Bouts as well as Cage, Battle Royal, Ladder, Table, and three- and four-way Dances. Tag Team Tournaments feature such greats as the Road Warriors, Steiner Brothers, British Bulldogs, Nasty Boys, and Rock-n-Roll Express.

Refinements include a more robust Create-A-Legend mode, a retooled Career mode that has players guiding their wrestler across different venues around the world on their way to becoming heavyweight champion, and a 15,000-dollar Body Slam Challenge against Big John Studd. Additional combo moves and reversals have been added for each wrestler and the athletes now feature independently moving hair and clothing. DVD extras in this release include interviews with many of the featured wrestlers about their careers and favorite opponents.