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"LEGO Racers" can be an excellent, fun, and creative game for Nintendo 64. Released in 1999, this European version of the game can be an engaging, colorful, and fun high speed romp through a world constructed of the famous LEGO building block toys. With this game, you can step into a fast paced adventure of unlimited power slides and plentiful power ups. You begin your racing extravaganza by first creating your very own car as you build your ride out of virtual LEGO blocks. The physics in the game mimic real life laws, so each custom vehicle will perform on the track based on how it's built. After assembling a monster machine, you can zip your new creation over to the practice track to give the functionality a test. Once you've ensured that your hotrod can withstand the speed of the track, it's time to tackle one of the many racing options that are available within the "LEGO Racers" universe. A number of modes are available to make the most of these games. Racing against the clock in a Time Race is a surefire way to hone your skills. Once you have mastered the turns in your ride, you can challenge your friends to a head to head, video split screen matchup in a Versus Race. If you're in the mood for a quick match, you can have a go at the variety of tracks to be found in the Single Race option. Once you are ready to take on the most challenging aspect of this gaming experience, it's time to head over to the Circuit tracks. At the beginning of the Circuit mode, you'll only have access to the first track. You're allowed four races to earn enough points to advance to the next leg of the Circuit. Once you have accumulated a sufficient number of points, a new track will become available for play and a new LEGO-inspired world along with it. You will also acquire all of the special building blocks of the racer that you defeat, which can be used to further customize your own machine for more gaming. Maneuvering on the track can be an absolute blast in "LEGO Racers" for the N64. Power slides allow you to take turns much faster, and the Super Slides make for quicker finishes. The most valuable assets in any racer's arsenal, however, are Power Ups. These powerful tools are found in various locations throughout the game's levels. Appearing in four different varieties, Power Ups consist of Projectiles, Hazards, Shields, and Turbos. Collecting these useful perks will help keep you in first place, especially when coupled with Power Plus bricks. In the graphics and visual department, "Lego Racers" takes advantage of the capabilities of the N64 console. Beautiful 3D cars appear vibrant and sharp, and the breathtaking track design and animated backgrounds make for some awe inspiring gameplay. Everything on the screen looks clean, colorful, and bright. Creating your own driver can really showcase the attractive visuals, using sets of over 20 caps, torsos, legs, and heads, as well as facial expression variations. "LEGO Racers" is a family friendly Nintendo gaming choice that can be enjoyable for all, full of pure, innocent fun for players of all ages. For the young and young at heart alike, this journey into a fast paced realm of speed and fun will keep you coming back to "LEGO Racers" time and again. The game is also available for the PlayStation, PC, and Gameboy platforms.