Lord of the Rings The Two Towers (Xbox)

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In this action game based on 2002's cinematic retelling of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Two Towers, players assume the roles of Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli as they battle legions of goblins and orcs while using each character's sword, bow, or axe. The third-person title takes place across 16 levels inspired by the first two films in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Stock photos and conceptual drawings from New Line Cinema were used to build 3D maps of the various outdoor and indoor locales.

Players will revisit the Mines of Moria in a chaotic battle against a Cave Troll, one of the game's five bosses, and eventually confront the corrupted wizard Saruman himself. The development team reportedly analyzed the films frame by frame to study each character's movements so they could be re-created in digital form. Instead of advancing through a series of one-on-one encounters, players will be thrust in combat with enemies coming from all sides and directions. Composer Howard Shore's musical score sets the tone for the epic battles that follow.