Lost - Via Domus (Playstation 3)

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ABC's popular and enigmatic drama comes to gamers in the form of Lost: Via Domus, although series fans looking for answers to the show's mysteries may be out of luck. While the plot of Via Domus intertwines with that of the first two seasons of Lost, the main character is a previously unseen Oceanic 815 survivor named Elliot, and, due to a bad case of amnesia, even Elliot doesn't know who he is. In true Lost style, playable flashbacks let gamers help him piece together his memory, and the game is handled episodically, with each chapter featuring a recap and a mini-cliffhanger.

More adventure than action, Via Domus often finds Elliot solving puzzles, like helping Jack stem the flow of jet fuel from the plane or tinkering with fuseboxes to open doors. Elliot, a photojournalist, can take pictures throughout the game as well, and will be required to do so during flashbacks in order to piece together events leading up to his arrival on the island. However, fits of action do come in the form of frenzied escapes from the frighteningly powerful Black Smoke and dodging bullets fired by the Others. Gamers must also barter goods with many of the show's mainstays, and exploring familiar locations like the Swan Station and the Black Rock will help players unravel Elliot's mysterious story, and bring him one step close to finding a way home.