Madden 2002 (Playstation 2)

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Product Information
One of the most important sports franchises in the history of home video gaming suits up for an encore presentation on the gridirons of the PlayStation 2 with this release of Madden NFL 2002. Madden NFL 2001 helped launch Sony's 128-bit system a year earlier and the game returns to the "next-generation" console with a continued focus on authenticity in this 2002 edition.

While no major renovations have been made to the landmark technical presentation and familiar gameplay style established on the PS2 by Madden NFL 2001, this 2002 edition has been refined and tweaked to add details and animations designed to provide a more realistic overall experience. Body shapes, facial expressions, and other player details have been adjusted for more realism and coaches, crowds, and cheerleaders are more animated, reactive, and context-sensitive. As always, the real-life teams, divisions, and player rosters are updated to match those of the most recent (2000-2001) NFL season.