Madden NFL 07 Hall of Fame Edition (PS2)

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EA Sports' blockbuster football series continues for an unprecedented 17th season with Madden NFL 07 for PlayStation 2. In addition to the yearly tweaks to the graphics engine and sound, Madden NFL 07's primary area of focus is the running game. For the first time in the series, players can take control of the lead blocker and create holes in the defensive line for the tailback to run through. The right analog stick, dubbed the "highlight stick" for this installment, offers new jukes, cutbacks, and signature-style moves for the game's top rushing stars, including MVP Shaun Alexander.

The popular franchise mode returns with an option to track college athletes using the NFL Draft Scouting System and College All-Star Game. Franchise owners will also be able to unlock ability-enhancing roles for stars with standout team performances, while defensive minded players can sift through team-specific playbooks instead of calling basic schemes. A revamped superstar mode now follows a single position's career on and off the field, complete with custom camera views and controls for a more intimate experience. Another feature making a return is online support, where football fans from across the U.S. vie for the top leaderboard spot.

This special Hall of Fame Edition release includes a bonus DVD with an assortment of instructional videos and documentaries. Available on the disc are a retrospective video on John Madden, the complete eight episodes of "Madden Nation," live videos of the Madden Bowl, and personal hints and tips from the developers at Tiburon. The packaging is also different from the standard PlayStation 2 release, as it features an image of Coach Madden after his Super Bowl victory with the Oakland Raiders in 1977.