Madden 99 (Playstation 1)

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For the first time on the PlayStation, Madden NFL 99 sports a 3D polygon engine to go along with new motion-captured NFL animations. Multiple wrap tackles, shoulder drags, pump-fakes, sideline grabs and touchdown celebrations are just a few of the moves at your disposal.

If this seems daunting, a One-Button Mode is available to make things less complicated for novice users. An Arcade Mode will also help new players get a feel for the game, which does away with the rules to allow for greater action and more devastating hits. The game includes actual NFL players with ratings based on the 1997 season, all the professional teams, as well as team-specific NFL playbooks.

Franchise, Season, Practice, Exhibition, Playoffs and Fantasy Draft are the six different game modes in Madden NFL 99, with Franchise Mode making its first appearance. This mode offers a single player the experience of playing and managing a team for multiple seasons, which involves negotiating the salary cap, signing free-agents and even replacing retired players!

An EA Sports game would not be complete without detailed statistical tracking, and Madden NFL 99 is no different. Individual statistics, league leaders, team statistics as well as season standings can all be saved to a memory card. If you have a Multi Tap adapter, up to eight players can compete on the same screen with John Madden and Pat Summerall commenting on the action from the booth.