Madden NFL 11 (PS3)

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Product Information
Madden NFL 11 is the 22nd annual production of video gaming's longest-running and best-selling sports series. With a number of refined features, the 2010-released game aims to make play more accessible and efficient, without sacrificing the depth and flexibility valued by hardcore gridiron strategists. The new "GameFlow" system puts gamers in the position of the quarterback, suggesting suitable play-calls that can be quickly selected through a streamlined interface. By making it easier for gamers to immediately locate and select the most commonly called plays in each situation, the system can reduce the real time a full four quarters of football takes. Madden NFL's extensive selection of play calls and variations remain in the game, however, and virtual coaches still have the option to pull up over 350 pre-designed plays, or to create their own.

Following a trend in recent Madden games and other EA Sports titles, the default control schemes in NFL 11 rely more heavily on the two analog sticks, encouraging players to intuitively direct their onscreen athletes by moving the sticks in different directions, instead of requiring mastery of multiple complicated button-press sequences. Gamers new to the series can also benefit from the new "Coaching Tips" system, which can be set to pause the game to highlight important concepts and offer immediately applicable advice. As do earlier editions of the game, Madden NFL 11 features all the contemporary arenas, teams, and players of the real-life league, including cover-athlete Drew Brees, quarterback and MVP of the Super Bowl 44-winning New Orleans Saints. The voices of Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth provide play-by-play and color commentary.