Madden NFL 12 (Playstation 3)

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Product Information
The Madden NFL series returns to PlayStation 3 with a number of enhancements to the on-field action, play modes, and presentation. More than 100 tweaks to the defensive artificial intelligence are included, with the computer designed to be more adept at reading and reacting to plays, breaking out of assignments when necessary, and more. A new collision system factors in an athlete's momentum on hits, with over 100 new tackling animations added for more realism.

The presentation focuses on the little details of the NFL experience, from authentic run-outs for each team to the actual on-field cameras used by NFL Films. Also included are updated uniforms, new player equipment, helmet stickers, new player-specific animations, and uniforms and helmets that show wear and tear as games progress. Franchise mode introduces over 100 changes, from expanded rosters to a free-agent bidding system, while the Superstar mode lets your star athlete earn skill points during practices and games.

A new dynamic player performance system finds an individual athlete's skills and confidence improving or deteriorating based on in-game performances. Other key features include the option to build an "Ultimate Team" of past and present superstars by buying, auctioning, and trading player cards, and the ability to form and join online communities that make it easier for Madden fans to interact with each other. Owners will also be able to modify existing playbooks or create their own by picking and choosing up to 400 offensive or defensive plays.