Major League Baseball 2K6 (Xbox)

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The only officially licensed baseball game from a third-party publisher in 2006, Major League Baseball 2K6 continues the sports series once known as World Series Baseball. Developer Kush Games has revamped the pitching, batting, and fielding interfaces from previous installments to address a number of issues. While at the plate, players can swing for the fences by pressing the right analog stick, dubbed the "swing stick," in different directions for stronger cuts or to push or pull the ball to various parts of the field. Players on the mound will need to master a new timing-based pitching system that involves tapping a button at specific moments to determine how close the ball will reach its intended target. Fielding now takes into account an athlete's momentum, allowing players to nudge or push the analog stick to jog or run. Stronger, riskier throws are also possible by applying pressure to the face buttons, while collisions can occur on the base paths as well as in the field.

To bring more realism into the game, the developers have added Inside Edge scouting data to mimic real-life tendencies of the hitters and hurlers in the dugouts and bullpens. By spending a specific number of Inside Edge "points" during a game, players can learn where to pitch a particular hitter or determine the likelihood a pitcher is going to bring the heat in certain situations. Other notable features include the ability to challenge umpire calls in an interactive mini-game, manage the team's morale through multiple seasons, and track a wide assortment of personal statistics through the VIP system used in other 2K Sports games. In addition to the standard season, franchise, and playoff game modes, Major League Baseball 2K6 includes the international teams and all-star lineups from the inaugural World Baseball Classic. Players can also take their favorite teams online via Xbox Live with support for stat tracking, buddy lists, and custom leagues.