Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga (Gameboy Advance)

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Product Information
With a visual style and gameplay inspired by Paper Mario on Nintendo 64, Mario & Luigi teams up the Italian plumbers for an epic adventure outside the familiar confines of the Mushroom Kingdom. A witch has abducted Princess Peach from the claws of Bowser and has taken her to a neighboring realm, which angers Bowser so much he agrees to join the brothers to rescue her. Things do not go as smoothly as planned, however, when the ship carrying the trio crashes and sends the characters in different directions. Mario and Luigi were fortunate enough to stick close to each other, and vow to continue the mission with or without Bowser. 

Players will be able to control either character separately or together as a team while confronting enemies, using moves such as the leapfrog, where Mario pushes against Luigi's back like a springboard for more powerful jumps. Battles take place in real time, often requiring the same techniques found in the original Super Mario games, except characters earn experience points instead of a high score. Both Mario and Luigi can also find and use various items in battle, as well as solve puzzles together using their combined talents. Players will meet up with familiar characters as well as few new faces during their journey, which ultimately leads to the witch's foreboding castle.