Medal of Honor - European Assault (Xbox)

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EA Games' Medal of Honor series once again deploys first-person shooter fans to some of the most heated battles of World War II, in European Assault. Players take command of a squad of specialist operatives and engage in critical missions in the European Theater. As they move through the storyline, players become acquainted with powerful, recurring characters that represent the most ruthless officers to ever serve in Hitler's armed forces. Actions taken in the field affect future missions, and the success of Allied effort overall.

The single player campaign has gamers taking the role of U.S. Army Lieutenant William Holt, who has the honor of being chosen as the first field agent to serve under the newly formed Office of Strategic Services. Holt embarks on a number of secretive, commando-style missions, such as gathering intelligence about Nazi troop movements and sabotaging the Axis' development of atomic weapons. In addition to these clandestine operations, Lieutenant Holt faces plenty of historical shooter action, as his missions lead him to vital engagements across Europe, including Stalingrad and the Battle of the Bulge.

Like earlier games in the series, European Assault boosts detailed historical accuracy in both its mission locations and available equipment. The storyline of European Assault was written by accomplished screenplay author and movie director John Milius, who known for his creative contributions to films such as Dirty Harry, Jaws, and Apocalypse Now. The counsel of other experts was recruited as well, including Captain Dale Dye, USMC (ret.), who has served as the series' Military Technical Advisor since it launched in 1999. Once again, developers also consulted with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.